Claire Sage Counselling

Achieving the confidence to follow your own path.

I am an accredited Level 3 NCFE counsellor and a member of the National Counselling Society. For the past 5 years I have worked with Bath based Off the Record (BANES).

With over 15 years experience in supporting people through a wide range of problems including a specialisation in domestic violence and abuse survivors, I can offer you a space to truly focus on you as an individual and to help you decide on how you want be.

I use a range of techniques and resources but mainly practice Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. The sessions are always client-led, so you remain in control. Confidentiality is of paramount importance and what you say to me will remain confidential unless I consider that either you or someone else is at risk of real harm. I will ALWAYS tell you whenever possible if I have to disclose this information to appropriate authorities or doctors.

Any proffessional counsellor will have a clinical supervisor. This is someone qualified in counselling supervision. I will talk about the cases I have to my supervisor but ensure that no-one can be identified. Clinical supervision ensures that I am doing my job properly and also keeps me emotionally healthy.

If you would like to have a one off session simply to off-load some problems, or feel that you have something you would like to look at more indepth – you may feel that soemthing just isn’t right but aren’t quite sure why – then please feel free to contact me on 07846 974 030.


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